Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Dress rehearsal

Roc and I went to a Fun Match last Sunday - preparing for our upcoming National Specialty Obedience Trial. He got his Novice title at the Specialty Show three years ago, one of only seven dogs entered in the trial. Brussels Griffons are not really known as an obedience breed.

We had a great time on Sunday - he stuck the Long Sit and Long Down like a champ. A friend said he tensed up; with excitement, not fear, only when I poked my head out of the room we were hiding in to see how he was doing.

Roc's biggest problem in obedience is me - my stride is too long, my shoulder swings back, I heel too wide around the post. At least I remembered to wear my "heeling shoes." He's much closer to me when we heel when I wear them.

I got some good advice last week from a guest instructor at training class: shut up and let your dog do his job. He knows what he's doing.

That's true. The question is - do I?

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