Friday, January 12, 2007

Non-Stop for a Whole Hour!

As our loyal readers know, Thursday is Agility night! This is the evening that Ceilidh and, now, Dax, look forward to all week! Last night Hope screwed up her courage and took Dax through the class! I'm pretty sure they both had a good time, but Hope will have to write about that!

Ceilidh's in the Intermediate class which follows the Beginner class. Usually there's quite a bit of waiting for a turn, which gives me the opportunity to work on Ceilidh's focus. But last night our instructor had the class configured so that smaller dogs worked on a different set of obstacles that the bigger dogs. As it happened, there were only two smaller dogs and six or seven bigger dogs last night - so, no waiting around for our turn! Not even time to catch our breath! Ceilidh had a great time - 80 thousand jumps; a few million weave poles; lots of tunnels and chutes thrown in, too! Too much fun! I know enough not to get used to the idea, but it was great while it lasted!

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