Friday, January 19, 2007

Ceilidh's Disappointment

Ceilidh was very disappointed at Agility class last night. You may remember that last week she was a non-stop Agility fiend for a whole hour, only pausing for the other small dog in class to take his turn on the equipment set for the smaller dogs. Last night it was class as usual, running big dogs to little dogs, and Ceilidh had to wait her turn for half a dozen other dogs. We practiced some (to Ceilidh) non-fun stuff, like heeling, sits, downs, recalls, some tricks (give paw, spin, dance), but basically very low-energy things. She did not understand. And she lost focus three-quarters through class. I wanted to do a lead-out over three fairly easy jumps but Ceilidh had lost it. Oh well. Maybe next week.

Ceilidh just didn't understand why class wasn't all about her last night. (I wish it could be all about Ceilidh, too!)

The Boston Terrier Photo Blogger was nice enough to post Ceilidh's picture! She's smiling in the summertime...

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