Friday, August 11, 2006

The Right Hand Doesn't Know...

As those of you who have been reading the GollyLog know, we recently moved Golly Gear. Just a mile down the road, but still a move. So, Hope and I are tired, cranky, stressed and generally out of sorts. Except to our dogs, our customers and sometimes each other. Business continues, orders are filled, desks are put together, and files are sorted out. And, orders are placed to suppliers as new stock is needed. Every time we place an order we tell the order-taker we have a new address and to please make sure our order has the proper address. Simple, right?

Not so much. Twice in the last two days shipments were attempted at our old address by UPS and FedEx. Apparently the order-taker noted the new address but didn't change it in the UPS or FedEx system. The right hand (shipping) didn't know what the left hand (billing) was doing. And the brain was not engaged at all. I'm looking forward to the day when our "new" address becomes our "current" address.

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