Monday, August 28, 2006

But is it barkworthy?

I think I've mentioned that Roc loves tv. Which I only feel slightly guilty about, since he's a dog, not a baby, and I'm very happy, indeed, that I don't have to incur the expenses of a college education for him.

The only problem is that he's really, really loud about liking tv. When something comes on that he's particularly excited about (Any animal, whatsoever. Any animated anything from anywhere. Any sports play. Unusual sounds. And, on occasion, the weather map) he lets us know with ear-piercing barking. He is, indeed, a little yapper.

So we've created a command for him. He's only allowed to make noise if we decide the program is "barkworthy." He barks, we look up and say "not barkworthy." And, believe it or not, it works! If we tell him it doesn't merit his attention, he turns away.

Of course, the down side is that we're excruciatingly fair to the little guy. Some things are, in fact, barkworthy. All animals. Many sports plays. Some animated commercials. But not the weather map. We had to draw the line somewhere.


jan said...

Funny. Big barks for a touchdown, but only a snort for a QB sack. It works for me.

At our house Misty, the alpha Poodle, is the authority on what is barkworthy.

Hope said...

For your sake, I hope Misty is more discriminating than Roc!