Friday, August 18, 2006

Do They Think We're Nuts?

Do you ever wonder if your dog thinks we're nuts, observing some of the goofy things we do. I mean, the whole washing in the morning thing. I told you about Golly's bath a while ago, and how much she didn't enjoy the experience. What's she thinking as she watches me wash my teeth, face and hair every day? (Yes, I let the whole crew in the bathroom for this ritual. Roc is less likely to bark when he's cooling off on the tile.)

Or putting clothes on. And different ones every day. Golly and Roc hate wearing clothes - even a sweater or coat in the middle of winter. Ceilidh tolerates it (sometimes). And Dax absolutely loathes her coat. So, here we are putting different clothes on every day. And sometimes multiple layers! We're crazy - at least according to Golly.

And then there's watching TV. We'll have to tell you about Roc and TV, but that's fodder for another day. We're sitting in front of a box in the family room, not moving and watching it. Golly doesn't get it. Ceilidh just naps.

How about exercising? I'm lucky enough (?) to have room in my basement for a pretty good-sized exercise area. And I have to keep motivated with exercise videos otherwise I don't do it. Naturally the dogs have to be with me. I've persuaded them to lie on various dog beds or other pieces of furniture so they aren't kicked. But, what must they be thinking?

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