Thursday, August 24, 2006

Nothing Better Than a Sleepy Dog

As you steady GollyLog readers know, I give Ceilidh a medicated bath every week. Not because I want to or that she's dirty, but because she has an immune disorder which makes her vulnerable to skin issues. And because the bath is very stressful for Ceilidh (actually everything is stressful for Ceilidh), after her bath we have a timed play session. 10 minutes, no more, and certainly no less. Her sibs sometimes join in the fun. And after the walk after the play session after the bath, Ceilidh crashes. Yesterday it was literally. She didn't even wake up for lunch. Don't worry, I woke her up for mealtime!

As I watched my lunatic dog sleep, I thought that it just doesn't get any better than that! When Ceilidh is sleepy, she's mush. You can touch her paws, look in her ears, even kiss her spots! All of which is impossible when she's awake. Roc was sleepy yesterday as well - he had training Tuesday evening and was still recovering. When Roc is exceptionally tired, he sleeps with his head tucked under so that he's on his forehead. Too cute.

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