Monday, August 21, 2006

Give a dog a bunny?

Dax has a pet.
Or she thinks she does, anyway.

There's a little rabbit who lives under the shrubbery in our front yard. Naturally, it likes to nibble on the grass in the front yard. And Dax loves to watch it. She runs out our door to the chain-link fence at the front to see if her bunny is there.

Which is all very, very cute. Bunny outside fence, French Bulldog inside fence.

But rabbits aren't exactly the smartest animals on the planet. This silly rabbit sometimes decides that the grass is tastier on Dax's side of the fence. It wanders into our back yard, where it's chased by four dogs in hunting mode. So far, it's faster. Which is a very good thing, because it can't seem to remember how it got into the yard and races back and forth until it finally locates the gate it can squeeze under.

You would think a rabbit could remember that crossing the fence is a bad idea. Or maybe it just needs the exercise.


Betsy said...

Can my Border Terriers come over to see the baby bunny?

They'd love it too!

"Taste's like chicken!"

Hope said...

Let's think about this:

Six dogs, one baby bunny.

Sure! Come on over! But you get to clean it up.

jan said...

I had a pet rabbit when I was a kid and it ate so much and got so fat that the neighborhood dogs were afraid of it. Rabbits will eat anything and everything and my rabbit did.

Hope said...

Okay, now the bunny doesn't seem quite as cute. Remember when (showing my age here) President Carter was attacked by the rabbit? Maybe I'll make sure the bunny is out of the yard before the dogs go out.