Saturday, February 07, 2009

It's getting personal - and creepy

Yesterday I set a snap-trap to get the mouse. Baited it with peanut butter. And as I was getting ready to go to bed, I hear the trap go off. This rodent has an knack for knowing when I'm in the bathroom. So I waited a few minutes, got my "ewwww" cleaning equipment ready (dustpan inside plastic bag, long pole for pushing) and went to clean up. Just what I wanted to be doing at midnight. And I can't find it. Not the mouse. Not the trap, sprung or otherwise. Get the flashlight, look under everything. Nowhere in sight. This rodent is really starting to creep me out. And my faithful, adorable canine pack? Completely useless. Getting a cat is starting to sound very, very attractive.
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Jan said...

That is one reason I let the cat who found us stay as a permanent resident. The dogs seemed to think mice were tiny dogs who didn't compete for attention.

Anonymous said...

But after the cat disposes of the mouse, you're now stuck with a cat.
I say borrow one. Duff & Robbie still want to visit.

FrogDogz said...

Wait, let me make sure I understand this.

Your mouse...

is big enough to take the entire TRAP with him when he goes?

Seriously, I'd be thinking more along the lines of exorcist than of 'cat'. Demon mouse like that would just eat a cat. The dogs aren't ignoring the mouse out of uselessness, but rather out of a well honed sense of self preservation.

Hope said...

I'm very grateful to say that, for the moment, it's become a non-issue. No signs for days.
Which is said with all fingers and toes crossed and fervent prayers being said. Best to cover all bases.