Friday, March 30, 2012

Mega fever!

So, what would you do with 640 million dollars? Tonight is the world's biggest lottery drawing. I bought a few - couldn't resist. Let's dream for a little. I'd buy Tango a new collar - he deserves it! I'd buy me some neat stuff. And I'd buy a new RV to live in the Florida Keys. Buy a cool new building for Golly Gear and Dogs in the Ring. One big enough for a couple rings for an AKC Agility Trial. Sounds good to me. Meanwhile, back to reality and cranky customers, twitchy credit card processing... - Fran

Friday, March 23, 2012

Back from Louisville, with ribbons!

 Last weekend Hope and I went to Louisville for 4 action-filled days of dog shows! We both competed in Agility (Hope with Teddy, and me with Tango), and Hope competed in Rally Obedience with Dax. In just three days, Dax received her Rally Novice title! Tango and I had fun but only had one qualifying run in Open Standard. Teddy and Hope did a little better with two qualifying runs - one in Open Jumpers and one in Open Standard. - Fran
Dax weaving in Rally O
Teddy jumping
Tango going over a triple jump

Friday, March 09, 2012

Dax says, "Please!"

It's my turn next to go to Florida and have some intense remote work-time at the RV. Dax seems to know this. She has not been happy in the colder weather. Dax loves nothing better than to sit in the sun and bask, and she's being awfully nice to me. She's been sitting on my lap (when I don't even have cookies!) and giving me kisses. She seems to be singling me out for playtime, too. And she's even starting play sessions with Tango! I think Dax is saying, "Take me! Take me! See how cute I am?!" It might be working... - Fran

Friday, March 02, 2012


Today's weather runs the gamut - horrible stuff to the north and the southeast. Here in Chicagoland it's rainy, supposed to change to snow later this evening. But Wednesday it was bright and sunny, in the 50s. We took advantage of the great weather to shoot a new cover photo for Golly Gear's facebook page: Crazy weather!
That's Tango (Brussels Griffon), me, Payton (Airedale, holding our "Open" sign), Teddy (French Bulldog) and Dee, our Trainer-in-residence and Payton's mom. - Fran