Saturday, June 26, 2010

Killer Cute

Teddy got a new bed in the office today. He likes it. More incredibly cute photos on Flickr.
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Friday, June 25, 2010

Take your dog to work day!

Yesterday Carlene reminded us that today is "Take Your Dog to Work Day!" We're lucky enough to be able to bring our dogs to work whenever we want! I usually bring Tango on Fridays - it's Hope's day off and that way she doesn't have to keep watch on him as well as the rest of the group. So today Tango and I worked on his sit, down, and stay. Also walking on both sides - because life is not always "at heel." We're getting better. And Tango seems to be napping more. A few weeks ago he would nap only for an hour or so after lunch. But today he's voluntarily going in his crate or on the bed next to my desk (in the picture) and snoozing! I didn't think that would ever happen. Glad I was wrong! - Fran

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Teddy plays with Airedales and Keeshonden

Wednesdays at Golly Gear/Dogs In The Ring are particularly terrific days - our agility/obedience instructor Dee Lulik ( comes to give private lessons. Yesterday, Dee, Emily and I had some time to play. Dee brought her wonderful Airedales, who, aside from being amazing girls, have more titles/accomplishments than you can shake a stick at.
My Dax (French Bulldog) can be a bit testy around other dogs, so in the manner of dog trainers everywhere, I'm making sure Teddy (French Bulldog) doesn't have the same issues. He'll have his very own batch we'll contend with. So far - he loves playing with all other dogs. All breeds, sizes, shapes. Teddy doesn't care. Everyone is his best friend. I love that. Teddy is used to Emily's Keeshonden - she often brings Whyit and Lydia (both of whom also have a bunch of titles) to work with her. Juno, Emily's puppy (and Lydia's daughter) isn't quite ready to mix in the mayhem - but she will!

Whyit (Keeshond) says "Teddy, you hold her down so I can sniff her butt!"

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Monday, June 21, 2010

Obedience Trial

Yesterday was our obedience club's annual trial (North Shore Dog Training Club). If you've never been to one and you love dogs, you've really got to go! Fran, Emily and I were all stewards (helper-outers) in different rings, watching some of the top obedience teams in the country do their thing. It was a joy to watch. Above the dogs in Open B are performing a three-minute "Sit/Stay" while their owners are out of sight.

That's Emily on the left and me on the right being "posts" for the dog-and-handler team doing a heeling Figure-8. The judge has her back to the camera in this shot. Going to a trial is always inspirational for me - makes me want to run home and work with my own dogs. So I do!
The oddest conversation I had during the day was when a couple of women came into the trial to watch and one of them, looking at the dogs in the top picture, asked me "Are all of these dogs owned? Like are any of them available?"
I was completely taken aback, but tried to remember that most people aren't at all familiar with our rather esoteric hobby and asking questions is the way to learn. I explained to the woman that all the dogs in the trial do have homes, families, and are actually teammates of their owners. And that the performances she was watching were the results of hundreds and thousands of hours of training and competition.
I think she thought we were all a bit crazy, but she and her friend stayed to watch and learn.
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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Fashion Model

We take all of our own pictures for our website. Naturally - our own dogs get shanghai-ed into modelling. Today was Teddy's very first modelling gig - and he had a lot to say about it! It was also the first time we've been able to show off black merchandise, Ted's the very first blonde dog in our lives.

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Friday, June 18, 2010

A Break from Cute Puppy Stuff

OK, not really. But I thought I'd give you a Tango update. He's still nasty to some people and all non-family dogs for no good reason. (Our friend and teacher Dee witnessed a meltdown this last Wednesday. Tango blew up a lady who had just given him treats! He took the treats very nicely then gave her a large piece of his mind.) Fortunately the meltdowns are shorter in duration which is the only thing giving me hope that we can pull out of this. On the upside, Tango is a learning sponge. He is receptive to learning whatever I teach him. He loves climbing on anything (including the kitchen table) and jumping over anything that gets in his way (like his little brother when Tango has the zoomies in the back yard). And he comes back to me when I call him! - Fran

Sunday, June 13, 2010

A world first

This is the first ever picture of Dax and Teddy together. She's been hoping he was temporary - she's learning he's not. We've been letting her adjust in her own time and are absolutely thrilled it's working!

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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Most perfect puppy

I am blessed. I have the world's most perfect puppy. He's adorable, sweet, curious, fearless, sleeps through the night, eats well, has us well-housebroken, and is simply wonderful.
Except for the noise. Teddy is my second French Bulldog. Dax is 6 years old now. She barks occasionally - at the other dogs when she wants to play. At the neighbors when they come up to the fence. That's it. Quiet dog. Good dog.
Teddy has a voice and likes the way it sounds. He barks for attention. He barks for treats. He barks to play. And he screams in his crate.
I talked to Carol, his breeder, yesterday and was joking about my vocal little boy. She said "A bit of a diva, eh? (she's Canadian). Oh yeah.
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Monday, June 07, 2010

Hard at work

Tango came to work today and we actually caught him in the act of just "hanging out!" Good boy!

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Saturday, June 05, 2010

Teddy and his Border Terrier Buds

Cuddles with Betsy first! Teddy's grabbing Ghilley's face!

Ghilley says "Stop that!"

"No, really!"
Teddy decides to follow Robby.


Teddy had fun with his Border Terrier friends!
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Friday, June 04, 2010

So much to learn

I feel like I've fallen so far behind in training Tango. Stupid, I know, since I've only had him for two months. But there it is. I see that he doesn't heel, he backs up to sit, he doesn't really know "down," he doesn't charge out of his crate when I tell him to, he comes only half the time when I call, and on and on. But then I remember that he tried to attack my sister and business partner (Hope) when he first came home and now she can do anything (practically) with him. He tried to bite our trainer (well, actually he did connect a little...) and now she can take his leash herself. He used to bark and lunge and snarl at people on the street, and now he just does that with other dogs. So yes, we do have a long way to go, but there's no time limit! And we've come a long way, so anything is possible.
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