Friday, February 08, 2008

It's No Wonder We're Grumpy!

Walk into any public place around here and you'll be faced with snarls. Yes, from the people. Just try to strike up a pleasant conversation and you'll get an argument. And the dogs are no better. Last night at Agility Class there were a couple of minor spats. My Ceilidh will generally snarl at other dogs if she's being held and the dogs get too close but last night she almost started in on other dogs when she was on the ground, and the other dogs just looked at her!

This morning I heard an interesting statistic that may explain things. Here in Chicagoland, during the month of February (granted, today's only the 8th, but still...) we've seen a total of 11 minutes of sunshine. Combine that with the 40+ inches of snow we've gotten this season so far and we've got massive cases of cabin fever! No relief from the snow in sight, but - wait - is that a break in the clouds I see?

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Betsy said...

I know I'm in that camp.

We had a little bit of sunshine today (Sat) but it was TOO little.

Despite the rumored 5 degree temps on Sunday, if it's sunny most of the day, I'm going outside in it.

The bright orange globe is a necessary thing!