Friday, June 17, 2011

Tango's in Big Boy Class

Last night was Tango's first Intermediate Agility Class! He did great! (Better than I did - I got lost a few times...) I've said it before, but there's nothing that Tango loves more than doing "stuff" - put a jump or a Dog Walk in front of him, and that's what he'll do. I'm so grateful for that, because there was a room full of new dogs and new people - all kinds of opportunities for getting into trouble. But even off-lead, and with a handler (me) who was confused with longer courses than we'd been used to, Tango did the obstacles that I pointed him to. There were a few times between runs that Tango looked askance at a nearby Golden Retriever, but when I told him to knock it off, he looked right back at me! What a good boy! I expect that I'll be able to remember the courses more easily in the next few weeks, and Tango will get used to these dogs, but I was very happy with our first Intermediate Class!

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