Monday, June 06, 2011

Maiden voyage of the Cookie!

Fran and I (and all 5 dogs!) went on a mini-vacation. We took the Land Cookie on its shake-down trip to Fish Lake Beach Campground in Volo, Illinois. Far enough from home to get away, close enough to be (almost) convenient. Since it was our very first campint trip we made it a short one - learn what worked, what didn't, what we need, what we can live without.

Our campsite had all the amenities - fire ring, picnic table, water, power. We got set up in short order and went to check out the neighborhood.

First things first, or course! The dogs were very happy find their "comfort station" - complete with fake fire hydrant!

This is one of the ritzier houses in the neighborhood - can you believe it's a mobile home?

Although there were lots of awfully nice ones!

This was the office where we checked in - can you see the beagle (tied to the bumper) that vociferously objected to our presence?

The campground is huge - like a little city!

Complete with tidy streets and beautiful yards.

Even a pool!
Makes you rethink the whole definition of camping, doesn't it?

Definitely a beautiful place to spend some time.

For me, one of the best things about camping is everyone's so nice. I don't know why - but without exception, everyone we've met has been friendly and helpful. Can't wait to do it again! - Hope

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