Saturday, June 25, 2011

Enjoying the (partial) sunshine

Things have settled down in the weather department here, after the storm. We have electricity back at the shop (thank goodness!) and things have gone back to normal.

Wait a minute, no they haven't. No class Thursday evening for Tango after a strange day shuttling Packing Slips and other paperwork from home to the powerless shop where orders were packed. Our instructor was out of town at an (what else?) Agility Trial. We made up for it last night, going to a fun match nearby. It's great for the dogs to experience new places and situations. Plus, this was a UKC match! We'd never seen some of the equipment before! A window! And a Sway Bridge! and a hedge?! And an odd number of weave poles... That confused the dogs more than the hoop tunnel!

Everyone did really well. Dax was on fire! Teddy wanted to eat the hedge at first, but then he discovered that it wasn't real. And Tango had problems sitting or lying down in the box. "Sit? OK, I'll sit. Now I'll lie down. Now I'll sit." Arrgh... Just stay put!!! Oh well, we knew we had to work on that. And then on our way home we were stopped at a Security Checkpoint! The Cook County Sheriff's Police were checking drivers licenses and proof of insurance. Many drivers instantly made U-turns when they realized what was happening, but true to form, we said, "Cool! Never been through a Security Checkpoint before!" -Fran

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