Friday, June 10, 2011

Tango's better!

I'm thanking the powers that be that Tango's feeling better. We've never had such a pathetic sick dog before. All Tango wanted to do was cling to me. And when there was snot running down his beard he was not really attractive, and I didn't really want him on me. But that's what we caring dog owners do. You suck it up, put a towel on your lap and let your sick dog take a nap on you. Sunday night in the Land Cookie we watched DVDs, and Tango was miserable on my lap. Fortunately he was feeling better on Monday, and on Wednesday we even had our lesson! Tango's here at the shop with me today. And he's been training very well. (I tried to take a short video of our weaves, but ran out of battery juice before I figured out how to work the camera.)
- Fran

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Pam and Cabot said...

Cabot is so happy to hear cousin Tango is feeling better!! We've seen that pitiful Griff look here, and it really isn't pretty.

Have fun camping in the Cookie!