Friday, January 14, 2011

Teddy's First Class

As you know from reading Hope's post yesterday, last night was Teddy's first night of big-boy agility class. Tango and I are still in Beginner Class, so we were there, too! It was a huge class, but Teddy was great! Hope's fears of fidgeting and whining were unfounded. Teddy only became impatient a couple of times, but Hope started doing behaviors, and he was totally distracted! As it was such a big class, with so many new people and dogs (all the participants from Teddy's Puppies With Purpose class and a few more), it was lecture night. Fully half or more of the hour was taken up with discussing ground rules and basic stuff to practice.

Teddy was great, but Tango was Mister Fidget. He's been used to going to class and doing stuff, so not being able to do the stuff, combined with all the new dogs made him a little crazy. I expected that and had my own arsenal of little behaviors to keep him occupied. It was really hard for him, but Tango did very well. Next week will hopefully be more active for my little jumping bean. - Fran

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Betsy said...

Most folks do not realize that Beginner's Agility with Dee is not like Beginner's Obedience. It is not "one class and you're out". Ghilley finally moved to Intermediate after 4 Beg. class sessions (of 8-9) but is on the low end in that class.
I always had difficulty distracting the girl during "lecture" time too!