Thursday, January 13, 2011

First day of school

I'm a bit nervous today - it's Teddy's first night at Beginner Agility Class. The nerves are a bit surprising to me, I spent a couple of years in Beginner Class with Dax, I know our instructor as well as her assistants and at least five of our classmates. So what's there to be nervous about?
With Dax I always have to be hyper-aware of the other dogs around us. She adores all people, but sometimes will decide that THAT DOG - THAT ONE OVER THERE! is a threat and needs to be put in its place. Even if THAT DOG is one she's known forever. I believe I've mentioned that Dax has a tendency to be swayed by the alien voices in her head.
I know Teddy's a different dog altogether. He's confident, curious, inquisitive and noisy. I'm pretty sure he'll have no problem doing the "stuff." It's the sitting-quietly-like-a-good-boy-while-mom-listens-to-the-teacher that's going to be difficult for him. That's one of the reasons I don't travel light with my dogs - treats, toys, distractions galore. Sort of like having a perennial toddler, I imagine.
I'm looking forward to starting Teddy's "big boy" training. And a teeny bit sorry that he's already ready to be a "big boy."

- Hope


Jan said...

I always have mixed emotions when my children or my dogs start on a new course of their lives.

BRUTUS said...

Go Teddy! I bet you'll be the apple of the teachers' eye in no time flat!

I always feel like a baglady, hauling along a load of stuff for my Frenchies - treats, toys, water, cool coats or warm coats, ect. After Brutus' high-maintenance habits, I'm always pleasantly suprised by how easy-going Carmen is by comparison!! Sometimes hard to remember that Carmen doesn't know as much as Brutus when I go to run her, though!!

Miss you guys-