Friday, February 05, 2010

Quirky Ceilich

Ceilidh is a quirky dog. Every dog has quirks, but the more I hear of other dogs' eccentricities, I truly believe that Ceilidh is "extra-special!" I've written about many of Ceilidh's quirks - my lovable ADHD, obsessive-compulsive dog. I recently told Hope about one of these quirks and she burst out laughing, "And you haven't blogged about this!?!" OK, so here goes. Ceilidh gets her breakfast in a crate in the kitchen every day. And she gets a pill after she eats her breakfast every day. She has to come out of the crate for me to give her the pill, and I don't like to force her out - it has to be her idea. But she won't leave the crate until she burps. Not a little, lady-like hiccup. No - a huge, football-player-sized belch! Then she's happy, she gets her pill, and we get on with our day... - Fran
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