Thursday, February 25, 2010


We've had our trio of bad news lately.
The worst is that our much-loved friend, Jayne Shannon Rodriguez, one of the founders of the Dolphin Research Center, died this week. DRC is our "home away from home" and we know Jayne's work and legacy will live forever. But she will be missed.
Jayne's heart failed her and hearts are at the center of our concerns. Another dear friend, Kenny, had to have a stent in his heart after experiencing "discomfort" last week. Thank goodness Ken is recuperating and we expect him to recover completely. How can such a mild word as "discomfort" begin to predict the subsequent worry for his family and friends?
And my wonderful Roc, it turns out, experienced a "cardiac incident" last Saturday when he collapsed. He has pulmonary hypertension. It's not "high blood pressure" that you think of when you hear "hypertension." We're hoping that medication will help, but we're frightened.
Hearts aren't really supposed to break, but they do.
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