Friday, February 19, 2010

I Confess ...

... I'm an Olympic addict. There - I've said it! No matter the sport this winter - hockey, speed skating (long- and short-track!), skiing, luge - you name it, I'm glued to the TV. I now know what channels CNBC and MSNBC are on our cable system. I get updates on the internet. I follow local athletes on twitter. Yeah, Evan Lysacek! So sorry Kat :(

Biathlon - amazing! Nordic combined? Crazy! And curling is strangely addictive. You wouldn't think that a sport that consists of gliding a 42-pound rock down a stretch of ice with other people sweeping the ice ahead of it would be at all interesting to watch, but on my day off Roc (my little TV-watching buddy) and I were transfixed for hours. It didn't matter which teams were playing - it was kind of like watching a chess match.

Gotta check today's schedule - I think Ice Dancing starts today! - Fran
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