Saturday, February 27, 2010

Quality of life

We're getting used to yet another new normal. Roc has exercise restrictions now-with his pulmonary hypertension, too much excitement, stress, or activity can lead to another "cardiac incident." I'm still deciding whether I think that sounds better than "heart attack." Not so much.
So some of his favorite things are out of the question. His favorite television show (America's Funniest Home Videos) is off limits. He just gets too excited. Likewise any dog shows, cartoons or Fancy Feast commercials. I have no idea why those are his favorite things to watch, but they are and he gets way too riled up to watch them now.
Fortunately, our favorite sport season is about to start and baseball, much as we love it, isn't really very exciting. It's the only sport that packs fifteen minutes of action into three hours. We love it and it's still allowed.
One change I haven't quite figured out is how to deal with housecleaning. Roc's absolute arch-enemy is the vacuum cleaner. I've crated him for years when using it, but he still barks up a storm and goes into attack mode whenever he sees it, even if it's just passing by his crate. I'm hoping the weather will warm up soon so he can lounge in the yard. In the meantime, either the dust bunnies will proliferate or he'll go in to work on cleaning days. I'm leaning toward the bunny population explosion - but that's mostly for me. Any excuse to avoid the housework.
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Clay Lady said...

I just read some of your recent posts and am thinking about you and the little ones.

Cindy Biles (mother of many furbabies)