Friday, November 21, 2008

More cold

I woke up today and it was 18 degrees F. I'm already tired of winter. It should be against some law to have to wear your parka before Thanksgiving! Of course this means the dogs need their coats as well. Golly says she doesn't need one, and so does Roc. OK - for now we'll go with that, but when it gets down to single digits they won't have a choice! Ceilidh eagerly puts her pretty flower coat on to go outside. Dax got a new coat that she doesn't seem to mind quite as much as the others. Silly girl, she doesn't like the cold but seems to dislike wearing a coat even more, trying to scrape it off on the fence outside.
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1 comment:

Carlene said...

LOL @ Dax trying to "scrape" off her coat! That is such a nice coat; *I'd* wear that coat (I love orange).

Ceilidh looks like a glamour-girl.

I would be quite happy if, after the 1st of January, say, the weather would revert right back to spring.