Friday, November 07, 2008

Ceilidh's New Toy

Aside from Ceilidh's beloved Latex Soccer Ball, there's no other toy that she's particularly attached to. Until now. We got in some new Good Karma Rope Toys at the store and tried to figure out which Ceilidh might like without causing too much damage swinging it around. We settled on Ted the Turtle - not too many long bits. I must admit I was unsure if Ceilidh would really like it. But, just as Hope suspected, Ceilidh loves her turtle! We took the ribbon off immediately, of course - we all know what would happen to it if we left it on! Much to my surprise, in the evening Ceilidh likes to chew on the legs. They're starting to look a little frayed, but they're supposed to do that - the flossing effect, keeping Ceilidh's teeth in good shape. Let's hear it for Ted the Turtle!

I took a shot of Ceilidh's Ted the Turtle last night - a bit worse for wear - but beloved!

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1 comment:

Mary Stella said...

That looks like an excellent toy. I'm glad that Ceilidh is enjoying it. Hope she's doing better with her medication.

I also hope that Hope's "owie" gets better soon.

I keep reinforcing Pyxi and Nat when they don't jump up for a treat. Self-preservation is my motive. I've been nailed by their hard noses when I've bent down to greet them in the past. :-)