Friday, May 16, 2008

There's a limit!

I may have mentioned that Ceilidh has the canine equivalent of ADHD with a compulsion disorder. This is her permanent state. If she's not actively playing with a toy, she wants us to play with her, with a toy. The vinyl bone has actually fallen out of favor. Ceilidh's current favorite is Cuz. And she like to play tug with it. The only good thing is that she'll hold the ball part and let me have the little feet. Cuz is very hard to hold. And Ceilidh is very insistent.

So last night after ten minutes of losing my grip and subsequently having to fish Cuz out from under the couch, the table, the chair and then risking my fingers, I'd had enough. We went back to a puppy exercise that I'd forgotten about.

"Sit and Accept Praise." What a wonderful activity. It consisted of my holding Ceilidh next to me on the couch while we watched the news (if I didn't hold Ceilidh she'd be off like a shot, wanting to play, tug, fetch, tug, fetch, tug....) and I told her what a good girl she was. We'll do it again today.
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