Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Do as I say, not as I do

I really believe that the universe is arranged to highlight life's little ironies.
I'm one of the "experts" on the "Ask the French Bulldog Experts" site. Theoretically, my specialty is training.
So, naturally, my French Bulldog Dax, at four years old, has developed some not-very-charming behaviors lately.
I'm tempted to call it separation anxiety, but I don't really think that's the situation. Whenever I get ready to leave the house, rather than dash happily into her crate like the other dogs, Dax runs in the opposite direction, bounces up and down and barks at me. She's too savvy to come for a treat, so I've resorted to getting her leash and collar, telling her "let's go kennel" and leading her into her crate.
It's absolutely adorable and quite maddening.
The situation is probably of my own making. We're getting ready to compete, so I have been taking her out and about more than usual. So she wants to come along every single time. Which the grocery store truly wouldn't appreciate. Try explaining that to a bulldog.
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FrogDogz said...

There's something in all this about 'those who can, teach their dogs to crate on command, those who can't - write blogs about it'.

Sort of like me blogging about breeding, when I can't currently get a litter to save my life...

Dax is just channeling her inner Delilah. It's her way of saying "Hey, you know what would be nice? A little sister who'd make me look angelic in comparison.."

sindhu said...
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Hope said...

Frogdogz: We're both experts - on frustration! Of course, if we wanted to keep life easy - we wouldn't have Frenchies! It also wouldn't be nearly as much fun...