Saturday, May 10, 2008

Silly wabbit - can't read the sign!

We've had an interesting week around here, dog-wise. Dax has become quite the "mighty hunter" - I've had to pick bunny fur out of her teeth once and nearly once again. Wouldn't you think the silly wabbit would figure out that ours is not the safest yard in the neighborhood to be munching grass? Then again - it may be the only one without chemicals, so bunny might be right after all!
Dax and I went to an Obedience fun match on Wednesday night. (Thank you for driving, Betsy!) and I was soooo happy - she did the Stand for Exam perfectly - first try! Her heeling was rather awful, but I can't blame her, much, since we've been concentrating on the other exercises lately.
I had a bit of a mess yesterday trying to get my repaired car back - the body shop called and said it was ready, so I turned in my rental. Turns out - not so much. They mixed me up with another customer who had a similar name and vehicle. There's a couple hours of my life I'll never get back.
Oddly, though, it didn't really bother me. I've been strangely serene about the whole smashed car thing. Didn't lose my temper once - not when my car got smashed, not when I had to wait 45 minutes to be picked up by the rental car place, not when the body shop wasted my afternoon yesterday. Maybe I'll wake up in fury now that it's over, but I doubt it. I guess I truly meant it when I told the police officer "it's just a car."
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Anonymous said...

Dogs will be dogs.....
We also have one of the only yards without chemicals, and a mamma rabbit built her nest in our backyard, where of course my Rosie proceeded to catch and eat the babies as they left the nest over the course of a week. Sad, but I hope mamma doesn't build her nest there next year.
Chris, Abby and Rosie

Saint Lover said...

Oh No, not bunny in teeth.... Hera and Eris chase and catch rabits as well. Its crazy that they always came back to my house too.. you'd think they'd figure it out... but not so much.