Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Working like a dog

It seems that just about every other person around here is sick with some cold/flu thing that hangs on forever and completely drains all energy from the infected person. I've been really lucky that I haven't caught it. Fran hasn't been so lucky - she's been suffering for about a week now.
The benefits of having your own family business are countless. Among the numerous advantages is flexibility and being able to cover for each other when life requires your presence elsewhere. The downside is not being able to call in sick - if one of us is down for the count, the other is on duty all the time. For the person on duty it's tiring. For the one who's sick - it's feeling horrible and horribly guilty about making someone else pick up the slack for you.
You can say whatever you want about rejecting guilt, about it not being productive, etc. The reality is that when you've been raised to be self-sufficient, you feel guilty about relying on someone else. And when you've been brought up under the influence (once-removed) of a guilt master (Gramma was the Supreme MucketyMuck of guilt-bringers), you're going to feel it.
So, the upshot is I'm tired and Fran's sick. Total bummer.

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