Friday, March 21, 2008

Ceilidh in Agility Without Me!

I'm sick. Not terribly, and not enough to slow me down much, except that I can't talk without starting to cough (what feels like) my lungs out. And it didn't seem like running would be like a good idea. So, Hope asked (because I would start coughing) our great friend Betsy if she would run Ceilidh in Agility class last night, an hour earlier than her class, and she agreed. So Ceilidh got the benefit of a handler who has a Mach 4 dog! Sure, the first few minutes Ceilidh was so happy to see her "Auntie" Betsy that she was dancing on her hind legs around the room! (I wish I could have gotten a picture of that!) She settled down (sort of) and really watched and listened. I held one of Betsy's dogs and watched the expert handler at work - now if I can only get the attention!

A big thank you to Betsy for handling my little lunatic!

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