Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The face of genius!

I've always thought that Roc was one of the cutest, loudest (he barks at the tv), and smartest dogs on the planet. Last night I got proof of his brilliance! We were having a play session after dinner and he was pretty bored with the toys I pulled out of the toy bin. (Toys left out are subject to instantaneous Boston Terrier destruction. We've mentioned Ceilidh before, haven't we?) So I reached into the bin a little deeper and came up with a toy he hadn't seen in a while.
It's a little car-shaped stuffie toy, with a pull-string. When you pull it, the car goes skittering around in circles. I pulled the string and set it down. Roc loved it - batting at it and chasing it. When the string retracted all the way and the car stopped, he brought it back to me and watched, fascinated, while I pulled the string again and set down the toy.
After about three repetitions - Roc did it himself! He held the car with his two front paws and pulled the string with the ring in his teeth. Then he let go and chased it around. And did it again! No fluke! Who says that dogs can't learn by watching?
This weekend I'm going to try to get a video of my boy being brilliant. Of course, he won't ever do it again - but he could if he wanted!


Johann The Dog said...

That is sooo cool! See us pups are very smart when we want to be, BOL! Can't wait to see the vid. Woofs, Johann

Oh, and I promise to be careful, promise!

Anonymous said...

Ohhh what a smart boy!! I can't wait to see the video.

Shravan said...

awww. how nice!! I always wanted to have a pet dog!! My mom s dead against!!

Also help me out on how to reach the first page in blogtoplist?

Anonymous said...

Cute dog! (and smart)