Saturday, February 02, 2008

Too much snow!

I woke up Friday to 10 inches of freshly-fallen snow. What's the first thing (OK, not quite the first thing) most dog owners do in the morning? Yup, take the dogs out. I opened the door, grabbed the snow shovel and started digging! Because a foot of snow is over my dogs' heads! The first few minutes were touch and go - the dogs anxiously trailing me, looking between my feet, around the shovel, and craning their necks to look over the top of the snow. But I finally managed to plow a path through the snow to the back yard, and a little way onto their usual area. My dogs like their habits - and I happen to like their habit of wanting to go in the back yard to do their thing!

A little later I shovelled a much longer path into the back yard - around the tree and onto the wood shavings at the other side of the house. The dogs are happier now, but they're still looking over the snow to see what's around!

Today is Groundhog Day. It's cloudy here - does that mean there are six more weeks of winter? or more? maybe less? Either way, I'll be really happy when this stuff melts - but that poses other problems...

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