Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Last Saturday I went to a seminar on Obedience (and Rally) from a Judge's Perspective. Every time I go to class, or training, or a seminar or fun match, I get all inspired to train smarter, better, and more productively.
I can almost hear Dax thinking "Oh, no. She's at it again." It is Dax who bears the brunt of my enthusiasm - and thoroughly enjoys the extra treats it entails.

Basically, the lessons of the seminar were valuable for life as well as competition:

  1. don't piss off the boss (judge)
  2. make nice to the people who can help you (stewards)
  3. if you screw up, take responsiblity (don't blame the dog, the judge, the venue, or your neighbor)
  4. pay attention to what you're doing
  5. we do this for fun - act like it!

I have to get one of those t-shirts I've seen advertised.

Obedience Help Line:

Dial 1-800-Its-My-Fault


FrogDogz said...

Wow, that's like the dog-zen version of 'rules I learned in kindergarten'.

jan said...

Excellent. I can't think of six better rules for living.

Fuzzy Logic said...

Sounds like the rules of my Karate Dojo.

I like the shirts that say simply "Handler Error"

Kahshe Cottager said...

The t-shirts sound fun. You'll have to have one made for Dax that says It's Her Fault!

Love the photos of Roc and Ceilidh!

Hope said...

Thanks, all!

It is kind of nice to be reminded that common sense and common courtesy are still appreciated! I'm going to be spending a fortune on t-shirts!

Marie said...

Your dogs are adorable. I love that shirt and could definatly use one myself. :-)

Hope said...

Hi, Marie!
Thank you very much! Your pups are pretty darn scrumptious themselves!