Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Nothing's easy

Not easy to get to work
Not easy to get home

Winter is HARD! I don't know what early ancestor thought it would be a good idea to populate the "temperate zone" but he was WRONG! He should have stuck to the Tropic and Sub-tropic zones. Now we're stuck and can't move because of all the essential trappings of life - silly little details like family, friends, home, business, clubs, and the entire network that makes life fun the other eight months of the year.

The Chicago Tribune had a headline last week: "Shovel, Salt, Repeat." So we are.


Betsy said...

Trouble is, that second word "salt" does not apply anymore.

The CITY of Chicago sitting pretty with plenty of salt.

The suburbs, however, are in bad shape.

Last winter, they were dumping salt because they had too much.

This winter, suburbs are running out.

My 'burb (next to Fran & Hope's) ran out last week. Their suburb appears to be out of salt now.

Problem? Yes. They cannot order more salt from the regular supplier as they used up their "alottment" and until other communities reach their limit they have to find another supplier.

You'd think they'd do that, wouldn't you?

I am a fan of 4 seasons but I'm so grumpy right now, I'd make a Klingon run away from me.

Johann The Dog said...

We're sick of winter here too! Just too much cold, wind this year for us. Give me spring!!!!

Stopping by to wish you a Happy Valentine's Day, maybe that will help.

Woofs, Johann

Hope said...

Thank you Johann!
Hope your rehab is going well and you're off-and-running (and jumping, etc.) soon!

Turbo the Sibe said...

I am jealous of your snow, however!