Friday, February 15, 2008

Patience is Not one of Ceilidh's Virtues

Ceilidh loves Agility! She does not, however, love to wait. Since Hope is taking Dax to Agility this session, we figured that it would make sense to drive together even though Hope's class is an hour before mine. No big deal - Ceilidh and I can just hang out for an hour. It is impossible for Ceilidh to "hang out." She must be in motion, playing with her ball, wanting me to play with her and her ball, practice some obedience, do some warm-ups, and on and on... or she's whining in the crate. I don't feel that I can leave Ceilidh in her crate in a room removed from the lobby area (yes, waiting dogs are relegated to chilly "Purgatory") so I'm entertaining Ceilidh while we wait.


Fuzzy Logic said...

I hear that one.. Qay gets so impatient waiting for her turn to run the course.. I have a bully stick that she can chew in between runs.. it's her special Agility treat since I never feed them any other time.

Poor Ceilidh... so bored!

jan said...

But these kind of dogs are so much more fun than the lethargic ones.