Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Would you bail us out?

We're just now recovering from a really exhausting, very strange week. Generally speaking, Fran and I live transparent lives. We're pretty upfront about everything - neither one of us has a good enough memory to be good liars.

So, last week we got a bizarre e-mail from PayPal, saying that if we didn't 'fess up to our current address, kindly members of Homeland Security would be visiting us to bring us into compliance with the Patriot Act. So I logged in to PayPal and tried to follow all the instructions, but it kept telling me I didn't have any unconfirmed addresses to confirm. I called PayPal and found out that our account had, indeed, been flagged for reasons incomprehensible to all, and the nice man at PayPal helped me clear it up because, as he said, "I don't want the 101st Airborne descending on you." Much appreciated, sir! Thank you for the help. I mean that. Really.

Then, we had a three-day trade show to attend on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It's the biggest show of the year for the pet industry - we go and see all the wonderful new products we can find for Golly Gear. (I had to get a plug in here somewhere.) We canvass the show very methodically, up one aisle and down the next, looking at everything.

We found the booth of a supplier we've been dealing with for more than two years. And we went in to see what was new and exciting. And got attacked. From out of the blue, we're ambushed: "You can't sell our products online. You have three days to take them off. If you do not we will call the FBI."

While we were being flabbergasted, we asked why no one had mentioned this two years ago. And, for that matter, what was wrong with selling their stuff online. The response was equally baffling: "We must protect our products."

From what? Being purchased?

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jan said...

Isn't technology wonderful? What did we ever do without all this? Hope you have better days. I don't think you can blog from prison and I would miss you.:>)