Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Griffie Gathering

This past Sunday Golly Gear and the National Brussels Griffon Club co-hosted a Griffie Gathering, a Brussels Ball, a Griffie Gala! Seeing so many Brussels Griffons, in all colors and coats in one place was huge fun. We raised some money for Griffie Rescue, ate some great food, made our dogs pose in silly costumes, and had very, very tired Griffs that evening.


jan said...

You made your noble dogs wear silly costumes. Tsk Tsk. At least Poodles like silly clothes. :>)

Hope said...

May I ask - who in the world told you Griffs were noble dogs? Golly may be a princess, but ......... (lol). I don't think they actually enjoyed the costumes, but all the people did! Ever hear 20 people simultaneously "awwwwwww"