Friday, October 27, 2006

The Ever-Eager-to-Please Dogequin

Hope and I have been writing about our real dogs - Golly, of course, and Ceilidh are mine. Roc and Dax are Hope's. But we've neglected to mention one other dog that we could never do without - our Dogequin. He/she resides here at Golly Gear and we depend on him/her to model the new fashions when our real dogs aren't here. Since we went to that big trade show a couple of weeks ago we've been getting in our new merchandise and we've really been putting Dogequin through his/her paces. Why do I keep saying him/her? It depends on the outfit of course!
I think Dogequin is lovely in the
Pink Polka Dot Dress.

But Dogequin loves to watch sports in his Chicago Bears Jersey!

We just have too much fun here!

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