Friday, May 05, 2006

Who's Sitting in My Chair?

None of my sister's or my dogs are lap dogs. Except Dax, the French Bulldog. Naturally, the biggest is the lap dog. We have a leather office chair in front of the computer where Dax especially likes to sit on our laps. (One at a time, of course.) This makes it interesting to try to get any work done! (Or play games for that matter.) And standing up is interesting after my legs have fallen asleep after an hour or so of Dax sleeping on them.

Roc likes to sit next to me on the chair. He watches the TV that's on for background noise and barks at anything he finds interesting. Like other dogs, cats, any animal, leaves blowing, household appliances.

And Ceilidh likes to lie behind me against the back of the chair. And snarl at her brother. We discourage this behavior.

So, picture it. I'm perched on the edge of the chair with Dax in my lap. Ceilidh is behind me, stretched out. And Roc is next to me yapping away. Whose chair is this anyway?

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