Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Nothing to prove

Yesterday a friend from training (Deb) and her little dog (Ruby) came in to do a little shopping. Ruby is a darling, you'd never know that's she's a champion by her attitude, she's as sweet and friendly as can be. Anyway, Deb said that Ruby's little blingy collar was cracking and she needed a new one.

So Ruby, Deb and I were having fun, trying different collars and leashes on to see how Ruby looked. Deb decided that a braided leather collar and leash set were just the thing - classy, yet sporty enough for everyday wear.

Ruby's breeder is also a friend of ours and Deb said that Mary Jo wouldn't really like the new duds. Mary Jo likes "bling" on her girl dogs. Rhinestone collars, etc. But we really like the more subtle classiness of the braided leather.

As she was leaving, Deb said "Ruby can still have her princess moments, though."

Living with Golly, I'm very familiar with the princess thing. I told Deb "True princesses don't have to prove it."
We've decided to have t-shirts made.

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