Wednesday, May 17, 2006

If it's Tuesday, it must be training

Tuesday night, as always, was training class. The last two weeks were Dax's return to class in several months. For a while she wasn't feeling all that great, then I just got lazy. It seemed too much to play with Roc in Open class for an hour, then stay another hour with Dax in Novice. I forgot, for a while, how much fun it is to spend that hour with my dog.

Anyway, last week you'd've thought Dax was getting ready for the ring; beautiful attention, wonderful heeling, spot-on sits, turbo-Dax recalls, rocklike stays.

Last night, not so much. I think it may have been the excitement that kept her going last week. Just being back at "school" was enough to keep her pumped through the whole evening. This time she wanted to explore, visit the other people, and was absolutely convinced that the "cookies" all the other dogs were getting were better than hers. I guess she's not the obedience prodigy she pretended to be last week. But for a while, it was nice to pretend.

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