Thursday, May 18, 2006

Playing nice together

Last night was a Board meeting of the North Shore Dog Training Club, a.k.a. my wonderful, dysfunctional extended family. I love them like brothers and sisters, but if we didn't all love our dogs, we'd have absolutely nothing in common.

The best thing about our group; no "office" politics. No scrambling for power, no one wants to be the biggest fish in our tiny pond. I love that. I eschewed corporate life years ago because I simply can't cope with it. I loathe back-room machinations, deal-making, power-playing: Donald Trump and I would not get along.

So when we have an issue what do we do? We all talk, very loudly, at the same time until it's resolved. Headache-making, but then it's over. And we have cake and coffee.

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