Friday, November 20, 2009

We share Roc now

Roc has become my buddy! Since Roc's retirement he's home all the time now. And since I decided that there's no point in torturing either Ceilidh or myself with class - new people, new dogs, new stuff to do - I'm home most of the time. So Roc has taken residence on my lap when Hope's not home (and I'm sitting down). Until he sees a commercial that he's particularly fond of. Then he launches himself off the chair, tail up, eyes alight, and starts yapping (usually in mid-air). When the commercial is over (or I tell him to knock it off), he wiggles his butt at me and wants back up. Which I'm happy to do. What a guy. Sometimes he wants to be on my lap even when Hope's home! I'm thinking it's because he can see the TV better from there. - Fran
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Fuzzy Logic said...

What a guy! Way to go Roc! You get the best view that you can!

pet meds said...

congrats ! and really good picture... thanks !