Monday, September 08, 2008

Holding grudges

Dax is back to her usual, bouncy self, thank goodness. She's even gotten over being mad at me.
I'm not sure if she blamed me for her pain (pulled muscle in her neck Labor Day), or if she was angry because I took her to that awful place (the vet) instead of class. She seems to think that every time she goes for a ride, she's going someplace fun. Lucky girl - she usually is! Either Obedience Class, or Agility Class or visiting friends.
For the last few days Dax didn't want much to do with me. Usually when I work on the computer at home, she's my lap-warmer. When I sit on the couch, she's snuggled into my side. For the last week she was lying on the floor, glaring at me, or curled up on any chair I wasn't in.
Now that the pain is gone, she's forgiven me. I'm glad - it's getting colder and I need my lap blanket.
I'm continually surprised that institutions fund studies on whether animals have emotions. Just ask any dog owner - we'll tell them!
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Jan said...

I am also amazed (and amused) at the studies that show that dogs are the way dog owners know they are. It depresses me to think that my money might be funding this idiocy.

Hope said...

I think if that's the worst idiocy we're paying for, we're in pretty good shape. I have my doubts, though!