Friday, January 18, 2013

Booker is a play machine!

Booker loves toys! Especially ones with squeakers, it turns out! He loves to run with toys, tug with toys, fetch toys and just basically have fun with toys! Tango looks a little put out, don't you think? Booker is playing with his latest favorite, a Mini Skinneeez Raccon. Booker even likes to play with me! - Fran


Anonymous said...

I've been enjoying the Booker updates on Facebook. What a cutie. Poppy has a Skinneeez Fox that's her favorite. Tango does look like the pup and all the attention are a bit too much.


Kathleen Scott said...

Booker is adorable! My dogs are big chewers and skinees are great to prevent the stuffing explosion. Good choice! Thanks for sharing his adventures.

Kathleen at Canine Treadmill Depot