Friday, January 11, 2013

Booker's here!

Day 2 of life with Booker! He's pictured in his crate at the shop. So far, Booker has been doing a lot of sleeping and playing. But, that's a puppy's job! Booker is a 9-week old Boston Terrier. His little ears are taped so that they'll stand up like they're supposed to when he's older. He doesn't bother them, so we'll leave the tape on. Yesterday he modeled a new jacket here at Golly Gear ( and was completely worn out by the experience. Well, the modelling, plus a visit to the vet to say hello, and a visit to Tango's agility class - again, to say hello. The little guy has to say hello a lot! We think Booker is pretty cute, so get ready for lots more pictures! - Fran

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