Friday, February 08, 2013

Frustration plus...

In the middle of training Tango, letting Booker in on the secrets of happy puppyhood, and trying to stay warm this winter, we're redoing our website, The shopping cart that we'd been using successfully for many years is sadly out of date with modules breaking down, and the update from this company (which we spent tons of money and time on) is worse than useless for us. So we decided to switch shopping carts, and that entailed redoing the website. Recropping all the pictures. Copying all the product descriptions. And tags. Figuring out this program's subproduct feature, and lots of other features. Purchasing the tech support package which allows me to update the program. (And that's a hefty annual fee.) And now I'm in a waiting mode for the tech guy at the hosting company to install on the server the crucial software that will allow us to process credit card charges. Hopefully next week.... - Fran

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