Friday, September 09, 2011

Two weeks

It's been two weeks since we lost Ceilidh and sometimes it feels like last night, other times like she was never a part of our lives. The other dogs don't miss her, aren't looking for her, and sometimes that's hard. While Ceilidh didn't interact with them much, you'd think that something about their demeanor (the older ones - Roc and Dax - especially) would be different. But no.

We've asked the younger ones - Tango and Teddy - to step up and be big boys. Tango is no longer confined to his crate at night. He sleeps with me. And we're asking both Tango and Teddy to make better choices during the evening. If Hope and I want dessert after dinner while we're watching TV, the boys are not in their crates but are not allowed to bother us - after we give them treats, of course. And for the most part they're doing really well. We're going along and things seem to be normal in our everyday lives, and then I see Ceilidh's beloved Latex Soccer Ball and it hurts all over again. But life goes on, and I'm sure one day I'll be able to let the other dogs play with the Latex Soccer Ball. - Fran


Pam and Cabot said...


I feel your pain. Having lost my 12 yo Frenchie, Jerry, just 2 months ago. He was a special needs dog for his last 2-3 years, so just the shift in time needed to care for the dogs has changed.

I thought Cabot would miss him more, as they were snuggle buddies ever since we lost Ben.

But, yesterday, we were at the vet's office to weigh puppy Burly. Someone walked in with a cream Frenchie girl... and Cabot just lit up! He had never met this dog, and she was very different from Jerry, but, there was totally a spark of familiarity. My husband and I found it very sweet.

Favorite toys have been put away, until the puppy is old enough not to destroy them. We get sentimental about those things, too.


Fran said...

Thanks, Pam. What do you do with the extra time? I'm trying to sleep later, but that's not working either! Maybe I'll put in extra training time with Tango. Except that Teddy horns in. Well, he can use the training too!