Friday, September 16, 2011

Speed weaving

So this week Tango and I have been working on speed through the weave poles for Agility. It's all well and good to do the poles properly, but our instructor Dee keeps telling us to "move it! Agility is a timed event!" Tango has become more interested in his rabbit fur pocket toy which I put his string cheese treats in, and while he doesn't consistently tug on it, he chases after it. So I've been tossing the toy past the poles and he's been running through them to get his "bunny." We've also been using our Premier Manners Minder which has a remote control to dispense treats beyond the poles - we "beep" the remote which acts like a "click" when Tango is past pole 4 or so. He's started to bounce and run through the poles! So exciting... - Fran

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