Thursday, May 26, 2011

Roc's day

Thursday used to be "no dog day" here at Golly Gear. But we've amended that policy. We used to bring only our "working" dogs - the ones currently in training for competition in either agility or obedience. So there's usually a good excuse to take a break from actual work and go play with the dogs - we can alway justify "taking 10" to work on some aspect of training.
Then we realized that our "old" pups, Fran's Ceilidh and my Roc, were getting shortchanged! Just because they're retired doesn't mean they don't enjoy an outing. We do have to keep things rather low-key, both Roc and Ceilidh have serious heart conditions. But I think Roc's enjoying himself. - Hope

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Pam and Cabot said...

What a sweet old guy Roc is!! My Frenchie, Jerry just turned 12, and he totally appreciates the occasional change of scenery, too.