Friday, May 13, 2011

Too Tired...

Tango's too tired to even chew on his bone. We had Agility class last night, with lots of jumping and climbing and weaving, and leaving the other dogs alone! And I was inspired by the Intermediate class, just after our Beginner class, to attempt some of the weaving challenges here at the shop today. (Our instructor Dee calls it the "Wacky Weaving Challenge," where handlers do strange things while their dogs are weaving through the poles correctly.) Usually people are running beside their dogs while the dogs are weaving, so a difficult task is for the dog to weave with the owner out of their line of vision. So I sat in a chair well behind and to the side of the poles, and Tango ran through them! Just six so far, but we'll get all 12 before too long! Thanks for the idea, Debra!


prashant said...

Landed on this blog by clicking on the 'next blog', button.
The Blog would be more interesting, if some more photos are added it. As it is the Dog is looking cute

Keep up the good work

Natalie said...

It sounds like Tango is getting a workout at class!